Sleepy Balm for Kids


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Sleepy Balm for Kids is formulated especially for children. Hops is known as a soporific in herbal medicine, and we grow our hops according to permaculture principles on our property in the Adelaide Hills. The fresh hops, homegrown lavender and organic chamomile flowers, and frankincense resin are each infused in sweet almond oil for a month during a full moon. The essential oils selected are sedating, calming.

The Sleepy Balm may help support sleep for your little one when used as part of sleep hygiene practices. Rub a small amount on the chest. I also recommend that the parent/carer who is helping put the child to sleep, apply some themselves, as it can help relax the carer (children pick up on their stress, especially if sleep has been an issue).

Safe for use with children above 1 years-old. Consult for use with children under 1 year old.


Hops-infused oil (H. lupulus in Sweet Almond Oil (P. dulcis)), herb-infused oils (Lavender (L. angustifolia), Chamomile (C. recutita), Frankincense resin (B. carterii), in P. dulcis), 1% essential oils (Lavender (L. angustifolia), Chamomile (C. recutita), Geranium (P. graveolens), Petitgrain (C. aurantum).

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