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Join me on a Journey to Expand Our Soul, through bringing Harmony to Mind, Body, Heart and Soul

Experience a holistic approach to your health and healing

I work holistically and intuitively

As a multi-modality practitioner, I combine different approaches to support you in your healing journey. By utilising the range of my skills, training and experience, we address all aspects of the mind, body, heart and soul, so shifts that occur are aligned and complete for where you need to be next.

I bring balance to mind, body, heart and soul

Our mind, body and heart work together to house our soul and help fulfill our soul purpose. When all are working in harmony and alignment, we experience flow and purpose, we radiate Joy and Light.

Like a detective, I work with you to identify blocks and challenges, and develop solutions so we can bring balance and harmony to each aspect.

Customise Treatment Sessions that Support Your Needs

Clients often customise 90-minute sessions to include Psychospiritual Counselling and Energy Healing/Reiki or Massage.

Through Psychospiritual Counselling, we identify issues that affect the mind, body, heart and soul, towards creating Awareness of subconscious beliefs and patterns operating, and identifying connections/relationships that influence behaviours. We then use Energy Healing/Reiki to shift those patterns on an energetic level (Heal), allowing for new energies, patterns and Intentions to take place so new stories can be Created. For those who hold tension and stress in their bodies, massage is yet another tool we can use to shift blockages. Aromatherapy and essential oils is the thread that links all aspects of the mind, body, heart and soul, and supports the frequency and intention of healing.

Healing and Health is an ongoing Journey - it is one we all, myself included, commit to, incorporating self-care, and courage to shift and grow and change. Soul is continuously growing and expanding, our role is to look after our body, mind and heart to accommodate Soul.

Working with me is a Life-Changing Journey

You can expect to FEEL:

~ RELAXED and at ease in the present moment
~ ENERGISED, ready to face the world and shine Your Light
~ RENEWED, shifts happening in all levels of your life, synchronicities common, relationships in harmony and love
~ EMPOWERED, equipped with knowledge & tools to live your life FULLY and JOYOUSLY
~ TRUST - in your Self and your body's wisdom and your own Intuition
~ SUPPORTED - I am with you each step of the way, doing the Work on myself too

Get in Touch

Rae of Light Clinic is located on a private property in Mylor, Adelaide Hills. Address will be given after confirmation of booking. 

My availabilities are Mondays (9.30am - 5pm), Wednesdays (1pm - 5pm) and Fridays (11am - 5pm). Out of hours sessions may be available subject to discussion, and may incur additional charges. 

New clients incur a $25 deposit to hold your booking and is non-refundable. 

Tel: +61 401 421 142

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