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Psychospiritual Counselling

I combine knowledge and experience in psychology and counselling with spiritual approaches to bring greater awareness to current issues in your life. With greater awareness comes choices = freedom and empowerment, change and growth, harmony and love.

Psychospiritual approach looks at getting to know (remembering) our soul / spirit in our everyday experiences, allowing our spirit to lead our minds and bodies. We learn to see events, experiences and relationships from a spiritual perspective, allowing us to be Co-Creators of our human experience.

We identify old patterns, values and stories that no longer serve, that hold us back from living a Joyful and Purposeful life. Often they come from family, social and cultural messages that we have taken on board and have allowed to subconsciously influence us. As we create Awareness of these old messages, we can Heal the impact those messages have on our mind, body, heart and soul, and then Choose to rewrite those stories to Create new Stories that are more aligned with who we are, and who we want to be.

Energy Healing

We hold unresolved issues or unexpressed emotions as blockages in our energy field.

Energy healing gets to the core of these blockages, down to the cellular and blueprint level, and even through our ancestral lineage, so we can release them. Energy then flows freely within the body and aura, allowing the body to heal itself, bringing you to a state of balance and health. We then set Intentions to create new patterns and blueprints more aligned with who you are Becoming.

Energy healing works on all levels of the mind, body, emotion and spirit.

Clinical Aromatherapy

As a clinical aromatherapist, I am passionate about helping people create a relationship with essential oils that is safe and supportive for their holistic well-being.

Aromatherapy bridges all levels of the mind, body, heart and soul, and can facilitate healing on all levels.

Essential oils may be used in other services offered depending on your needs, including aromatherapy massage and Reiki.

After connecting with Raelene online in FB business groups, I was drawn to her professional approach and integrity, and deep love for creating premium products to support her clients. When she posted an offer to purchase compact essential oil perfumes I could not resist. I ordered 4, the Courage, Love, Beautiful and Faith and Hope – because the combination of oil blends sounded amazing. Firstly, the packaging and presentation is 5 star and the quality is divine. I do not use chemical perfumes and I wanted to have bespoke products lovingly formulated that are healing and nourishing and affordable.

As a healer and practitioner myself, I have access to many wholesale products, including transdermal magnesium. I encourage all of my clients to use magnesium in this form daily, to support their whole BodyMind and Soul. AND I just had to have some of Raelene’s Magic Butter. Magic is the word. The scent, quality, non-greasy texture and application is excellent. When you order yours, get at least 2 jars because you will want some with you at all times – a little amount goes a long way. I love to rub it into my inner elbow area for rapid absorption.

I really enjoy being a customer of businesses that are organised, that are creating or offering products that truly come from the heart and sprinkle their unique blend of magic. Thank you Raelene, you certainly do this and much more. I can feel your Ancient Medicine Woman gifts in every one of your products. You truly are a Rae of Light and that is why I was drawn to your energy and your products, as I know that each one is imbued with this vibration.

Vanessa Sumner
Multi-Faceted Soul Healer I Channel I Grace Guide
Heart and Soul Transformations for Human dIAMonds

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