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Psychospiritual Counselling is an approach that combines both traditional psychotherapeutic theories and methodologies with a spiritual approach and higher consciousness tools to support each individual on their particular journey. Its aim is to integrate mind, body, heart and soul. Traditional psychotherapy/counselling works towards a greater understanding of the self; Psychospiritual counselling works towards an understanding of the self in relation to the greater whole – our immediate family, our ancestral lineage, our relation to culture, social beliefs, karmic connections, Nature and the Great Divine. We recognise and access higher consciousness using tools such as meditation, imagery, visualisation, intuition and inner attunement, energy balancing and healing, inner child work, ancestral healing, karmic lessons and integration, and neuro-linguistic programming. We also look at supporting the body – the foundation of our being - through balancing nutrition, hydration, exercise and sleep, and reducing stress/ors.

The energy system of the body refers to the physical, emotional, mental and spirit bodies that make up the human person. Energy Healing works with the energy system to clear blocks and patterns that impede the natural flow of energy. In Energy Healing, any blockages in energy flow is considered the source of dis-ease. Anything that exists in the physical body, for instance, pre-exists in one of the other bodies first. Using energy healing to clear the emotional body or the mental body of patterns that are negatively impacting that person, can create healing and shifts in the physical. Shamanic energy healing work brings in a collection of techniques taught in shamanism that are particularly effective in clearing energy blocks, and in restoring energy lost through trauma.
Spiritual energy healing has the goal of bringing spiritual clarity and focus, as well clearing psychological and emotional trauma or blockages. Traditional psychotherapy is a slow process that can re-traumatise the client, while spiritual energy healing clears trauma and wounds from the past using energy-based methods that work quickly and avoid retraumatising the client. Energy healing also clears energy in the system that does not belonging to the client, or no longer serves the client’s highest good. This “foreign” energy includes: other people’s emotional energies that are taken on as the client’s own (common for Empaths and Sensitive Persons), archetypal wounds (e.g.; slavery, famine, holocaust) and ancestral/family wounds (issues never processed down the family tree stay for many generations until they are cleared). Shamanic techniques used in this work also bring back and re-install missing soul parts, that is, essence lost at the moment of trauma (Soul Retrieval).

Energy healing works by clearing energetic blocks from the client's energy system, and by restoring energy lost through trauma. The nature of the energy blocks (either belonging to the client, or foreign), will dictate how the work is done, but blockages in energy belonging to the client is cleared by firstly gaining an understanding or Awareness of the source of blockage, releasing or Healing the need for the blockage (the blockage originally formed as a defence mechanism - a way to protect the mind/body/soul), and then Creating a new pattern or potential for health and energy flow. The body will come to recognise this pattern and maintain this as a new state of energetic being. Further practices – ongoing healing sessions, self-healing or meditation practices – can anchor the new energetic patterns quicker and for longer term, until it is your body’s norm.

Depending on the work, sometimes the client may feel sleepy, floaty, spacey, or sometimes 'blissed out'. Often clients report feeling more energised, balanced and “clear”. Sleepiness disappears after a good night's sleep and floaty or spacey sensations disappear after drinking water and eating food to 'bring down to earth' the energy levels. All of these feelings occur regardless of treatment type, as massage is a also a holistic healing treatment.

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