“Mag-A” Magnesium Spray – 125ml


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“Mag-A” Magnesium Spray provides magnesium chloride working in synergy with comfrey-infused oil and essential oils to help alleviate muscular aches and pains. Magnesium is an essential mineral for optimum cellular function and bone growth, aids in relaxation, helps with stress and pain management, and balances other essential minerals and hormones in our body.

Magnesium chloride is a form of magnesium highly recommended for transdermal absorption of magnesium. Magnesium chloride is dissolved in ethyl ethanol to create “Mag-A-Hol”, a solution that allows quick penetration of magnesium deep to the tissue.  In “Mag-A” Magnesium Spray, “Mag-A-Hol” works synergistically with comfrey-infused sweet almond oil to help alleviate muscular aches and pain. Aloe vera soothes the skin, while a proprietary blend of essential oils help support pain relief.

Shake well before use. Spray on affected area and rub in.

This product is recommended for use after physical exercise/exertion, as it is easy to apply, absorbs quickly and is non-greasy.

Not suitable for use with children. Not suitable for use during pregnancy. Avoid use if experiencing liver issues or adverse reactions to alcohol.


Mag-A-Hol (Magnesium chloride/Ethanol 200% w/V), Aloe Vera gel (distilled water, Aloe vera powder, xanthan gum), Comfrey-infused Sweet Almond Oil (Symphytum officinalis, Prunus dulcis), Witch hazel extract, Olivem 1000 (emulsifier), vegetable glycerin, Optiphen Plus (Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl glycol, Sorbic acid), 2% essential oils: Eucalyptus (E. radiata), Rosemary (R. officinalis), Lavender (L. angustifolia), Black Pepper (P.  nigrum), Cedarwood Atlas (C. atlantica), Peppermint (M. piperita) and Lemongrass (C. flexuosus).

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