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Join me on a Journey to Expand Our Soul, through bringing Harmony to Mind, Body, Heart and Soul.

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Raelene lives on a farm in the Adelaide Hills with her husband, Stuart, and their pre-school daughter, as well as a crazy border collie, a privileged cat, 3 pet ducks, 2 noisy geese, 10 chickens, and 5 sheep they share with their neighbour.

On the days she is not at the clinic, she is crafting aromatherapy products and herbal infusions, or working on the farm growing fresh, seasonal produce, caring for the animals, and helping Stuart on their business growing hops. She also makes and sells jams, chutneys, pickles and sauces from excess seasonal produce, and teaches fermentation workshops around Adelaide. Raelene and Stuart, as Earthkeepers, strive towards sustainable living while caring for the land, and teaching people to live and flow with the rhythm of the seasons. They are on a continuous journey towards living off-grid and creating communities that come together celebrating food and sustainable living.

Raelene is also an Empath, married to an Intuitive Sensitive Person (SP), and raising a little Empath. Her world is one of learning to navigate and harmonise energies, and teaching, by example and direct experience, the gifts in being Intuitive and Sensitive.

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I have had a few sessions of energy healing with Raelene. It is such a lovely relaxing experience, Raelene is so gentle and understanding. She is very intuitive in her ways and I saw changes not only in myself but with my son on a soul level which just amazed me. I have started to see things much clearer and have a more calmer perspective on life and situations. If you are feeling that something in your life needs a shift I highly recommend to go see Raelene for one of her services.
- Tamara, Adelaide, SA.

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