Terms & Conditions


Your health and healing journey is important, and so is my time – bookings are essential.

Appointment times are:
Tuesdays – 10am to 4pm
Thursdays – 10am to 12pm
Fridays – 10am to 4pm

Your booking is secured upon receipt of a credit card number (which is not charged, but used to hold your appointment only). Cancellations must be made 48-hours in advance so I can contact others on my waiting list to fill the appointment slot. Cancellation within 24 hours may incur a fee 20% of the appointment cost. Emergency and extenuating circumstances are respected. I reserve the right to refuse a booking if multiple cancellations are recorded.

Full payment is due on the day of the appointment. Payment can be made via credit card (Visa or Mastercard), direct bank transfer or PayPal.



My goal is to empower you to the magnificence of your soul – I do not encourage co-dependency, nor can I do the healing work *for* you. Your healing journey is a Co-Creation between you and Spirit / Source / God / Goddess / Universe / Mother Earth – my role is as a Facilitator and a Journey-Woman – I walk with you some of the way. I don’t (and can’t) “fix” you – I can help you identify where you are stuck and problem-solve solutions. Ultimately it is up to you to take charge of your life and make the shifts and changes you are ready for to create a life of your design.

Psychospiritual Counselling, Energy Healing and Aromatherapy are Complementary Therapies and are not meant to replace conventional medicine. In my own healing experience and in working with clients, an empowered approach that utilises BOTH conventional medicine and complementary therapies can create the best healing outcome for the mind, body and heart. Fearing one side or the another is simply another energetic block that can impede healing.

I share my stories and my own journey in healing, and experiencing/expanding my Soul, in the hopes that the stories serve as rays of Light to ignite your own Light. Please respect intellectual property (IP) and copyright laws – share where needed, with full credit given.

I am human – I do my best to keep up-to-date with current research in both conventional medicine and complementary medicine, as well as spiritual knowledge, but I am liable for my own mistakes and biases. Please note any mistakes are not intended to harm or cause malice, and I welcome discussion and correction – we are all here to learn together.