Calendula Hydrosol Skin Mist


Calendula Hydrosol Skin Mist, a refreshing skin mist that helps with skin healing. Steam-distilled from organically-grown calendula flowers, fresh-picked to the still. Suitable for all skin types and ages.

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Made from calendula flowers grown on my property, handpicked straight to the distillation unit. This is excellent for skin healing, providing the moisture much needed for eczema and psoriatic skin. It also helps with general skin-moisturising, especially as we go into summer in Australia. It is also cicatrising, meaning it helps with wound healing, so suitable as part of the first aid kit. Gentle to use for babies and children 3 months up. I have added Leucidal Lactobacillus ferment as a natural preservative to this, since it is intended for use on skin, at 1% dilution.

Also suitable for external use on animals/pets for skin-healing.

100ml for AUD $18.00


– one customer used this for a viral skin rash, and it cleared within 24 hours

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