Calendula Skin Repair Balm (formerly Boo Boo Balm)


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Skin Repair Balm is perfect for cuts, grazes, bruises, dry skin and age-spots.

The key ingredient is calendula-infused oil, with the flowers grown on our bee-friendly farm, hand-picked and cool-dried, before being infused in sweet almond oil for a full moon cycle. Essential oils known for their powerful cicatrisant (cellular repair) properties are added to the balm, and beeswax is purchased from a local beekeeper.

I formulated this for my little girl’s boo-boos, hence its original name! So it is safe for young children, but please consult me first if intending to use with children under 1 years-old. Suitable for use with your grown children too 😀

Ingredients: Calendula flowers (C. officinalis) in Sweet Almond Oil (P. dulcis), Jojoba (S. chinensis), Rosehip oil (R. rubiginosa), local beeswax, Vitamin E (Tocopherol), and 1% Essential oils: Lavender (L. angustifolia), Helichryseum (H. crispum, H. splendidum), Geranium (P. graveolens), Carrot seed oil (Daucus carota), Rosemary antioxidant (R. officinalis).

Net weight: 50g

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