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Essential Oils for Various Energetic Purposes

Here is a simple list of essential oils and their energetic purposes. While not comprehensive, these are the oils I tend to use during healing sessions with clients and for myself, as well as in making vibrational blends. Since we are working with the energetic/spiritual properties of these essential oils, small amounts and/or low dilutions

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5 Ways Plant Medicine is more than Essential Oils

With essential oils being a buzz-word in the “natural”, “chemical-free” and “healing” movement, it is easy to forget that Plant Medicine is more than essential oils. Essential oils are simply a drop, pun intended, in the world and magic or Plant Medicine. Here are 5 ways we can begin to get to know plants and

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Self-Care Series: Caring for Our Spirit with Rituals

This is part of my series about self-care – looking after all aspects of our self: our mind, body, emotions, heart and spirit/soul. In this series of blog articles, I’ll be talking about looking after our spirit, or our soul, and the first thing that I recommend in connecting with our spirit is rituals. What

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Expanding Your Soul to Narrow Your Purpose

Sometimes I know who I am, and what my purpose it, but today is not that day. Today, I wonder what on earth I am doing on this Earth, because I look at what I spend my energies on, and can’t see a focus. I see clients in my clinic, and help them bring balance

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Healing Money Blocks – The Deeper Layers

Over the years, since beginning my work as a healer, I have addressed many of the beliefs surrounding healing work and money – watch this video here for a quick overview. As always, with healing work, there are many layers to unpeel. Lately, I have been working on healing energetic blockages that have been carried

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Fermented Foods

It’s funny how things play out. I never thought I would be teaching people how to make fermented foods, but that’s how the Universe works sometimes. I had been selling pickles, chutneys, jams and sauces for over a year in my local community, through a popular local community buy, sell group. One day, a program

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